Details should be paid attention to when the butterfly valve is used

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When the butterfly valve is fully open, the thickness of the butterfly plate is the only resistance that the medium flows through the valve body, so it can reduce the pressure generated by the valve, so it has better flow control characteristics. Explain to you what matters are before the installation of the butterfly valve.

1, before the installation begins to operate, use the atmosphere to wash out the external objects on the pipe, and clean the inner surface of the pipe with water cleaning.

2, carefully check whether the use of the valve environment is consistent with its performance example; (temperature, pressure)

3, check whether the valve channel and the sealing surface have sundries, and remove in real time.

4. The valve should be placed in real time after the opening of the box. Do not rotate any fastening screws or nuts on the valve at random.

5. A special butterfly valve flange must be used for the clip type butterfly valve.

6, the electric butterfly valve can be placed in the unscrupulously angle of the pipe, in order to maintain the convenient launch do not reverse the resettlement.

7, butterfly valve flange must ensure that the flange and the sealing rubber of the installation, tighten the screws evenly, the sealing surface of the valve must be complete and fit; if there is a screw of non-uniform strength will be raised rubber disc stuck phenomenon, or withstand the butterfly valve plate resulting in leakage of the valve stem.