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1000L HDPE IBC Tank £¨Black£©

Product Introduction

Condition:New Max Working Pressure(MPa):4 MPa Capacity:1000L
Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Food & Beverage Shops, Chemical
Dimension(L*W*H):1200mm*1000mm*1150mm Weight:1000L Certification:ISO9001
Warranty:1 year After-sales Service Provided:Online support Name:IBC Container
Color: Black Color Material:HDPE Usage:Trasportaion
Standard:IMDG Package :42pcs for one 40-foot high cabinet Model:YH-1000L
UNMark:each IBC Tank will mark exclusive UN Uumber Overall dimensiobn:1200*1000*1150mm(¡À5mm) Max Allowable Weight:2013 kg
Tare Weight:58¡À2kg Allowable Stacking Weight:4056kg innReceptacle: HDPE
outer Casing :Galvanized steel DCD51D Material of pallet: Galvanized steel DC53D Material of seal :EPDM,FKM,Nitrile,PE
Valve and Material:Ball Valve DN50 or Butterfly Valve DN 50 Stacking Test Weight:4056kg Dropping Test Height:1.9mm
Hydraulic Test pressure:100kpa Vibration Test:Amplitude:25¡À5%mm,Time Duration:1 hour


¡ôGlobal supply, global standard design, easy loading and unloading of standard machinery and equipment.

¡ôStacked with other types of IBC, can be reused, saving cost.

¡ôThere are a variety of optional assembly design structure, easy to maintain and repair.

¡ôUN certification.

¡ôHigh cost performance, suitable for shipping containers and inland transportation, saving packaging,

The cost of transportation and storage.

product description

¡ôTube frame: The surface of the steel pipe is coated with a patented technology, which has a high resistance to vibration and impact, and has passed the inspection of the European Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

¡ôTray: steel pallet/steel-plastic composite pallet, pallet height 116mm, fork hole height 100mm.

¡ôInner container: One-time blow molding of anti-ultraviolet high-density polyethylene. The top feed port is equipped with a top cover, including a pressure venting device and a sealing ring.

¡ôDischarge valve: butterfly valve/ball valve, DN50, optional coarse thread (CCS60¡Á6)/fine thread (2"NPT).

¡ôOptional options: The sealing material of the discharge valve can be selected, the size of the label can be customized according to customer requirements, and the adapter has a variety of shapes to choose from.