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1000L HDPE IBC Tank


Condition:New Max Working Pressure(MPa):4 MPa Capacity:1000L
Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Food & Beverage Shops, Chemical
Dimension(L*W*H):1200mm*1000mm*1150mm Weight:1000L Certification:ISO9001
Warranty:1 year After-sales Service Provided:Online support Name:IBC Container
Color:White Color Material:HDPE Usage:Trasportaion
Standard:IMDG Package :42pcs for one 40-foot high cabinet Model:YH-1000L
UNMark:each IBC Tank will mark exclusive UN Uumber Overall dimensiobn:1200*1000*1150mm(±5mm) Max Allowable Weight:2013 kg
Tare Weight:58±2kg Allowable Stacking Weight:4056kg innReceptacle: HDPE
outer Casing :Galvanized steel DCD51D Material of pallet: Galvanized steel DC53D Material of seal :EPDM,FKM,Nitrile,PE
Valve and Material:Ball Valve DN50 or Butterfly Valve DN 50 Stacking Test Weight:4056kg Dropping Test Height:1.9mm
Hydraulic Test pressure:100kpa Vibration Test:Amplitude:25±5%mm,Time Duration:1 hour


◆Global supply, global standard design, easy loading and unloading of standard machinery and equipment.

◆Stacked with other types of IBC, can be reused, saving cost.

◆There are a variety of optional assembly design structure, easy to maintain and repair.

◆UN certification.

◆High cost performance, suitable for shipping containers and inland transportation, saving packaging,

The cost of transportation and storage.

product description

◆Tube frame: The surface of the steel pipe is coated with a patented technology, which has a high resistance to vibration and impact, and has passed the inspection of the European Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

◆Tray: steel pallet/steel-plastic composite pallet, pallet height 116mm, fork hole height 100mm.

◆Inner container: One-time blow molding of anti-ultraviolet high-density polyethylene. The top feed port is equipped with a top cover, including a pressure venting device and a sealing ring.

◆Discharge valve: butterfly valve/ball valve, DN50, optional coarse thread (CCS60×6)/fine thread (2"NPT).

◆Optional options: The sealing material of the discharge valve can be selected, the size of the label can be customized according to customer requirements, and the adapter has a variety of shapes to choose from.